Summer activities in Kaiserwinkl

Kaiserwinkl: Swimming Fun on Tyrolean Beach Holiday

A 25 meters deep Walchsee with a comfortable water temperature between 20 and 24 °C and an excellent water quality provide ideal conditions for your summer holiday: after sportive activities during hot days you can let yourself to get wonderful refreshment in cool water. You can enjoy sailing or surfing, water skiing, kayaking and electo boating in clear water, in which the nearby mountains are reflected.

  • In Walchsee with water temperature up to 24 degree
  • Erlebnis-Waldschwimmbad Kössen with beach volleyball court
  • Indoor swimming pool Reit im Winkl or Panorama Badewelt St.Johann


Attractive swimming- and adventure pools with a water slide, water mushroom, whirlpool, paddling pool and extensive sunbathing area are at your disposal in Erlebnis-Waldschwimmbad in Kössen. You can also use Beach Volleyball Court for your summer sport activities.  

Swimming pool telephone number: 0043 664/886 779 23 


In Café "See la Vie" along the lakeside promenade you can enjoy coffee, ice cream, cool drinks, sweet delicacies and snacks while your kids have fun on the playground and two trampolines. Climbing mountain in water requires children’s strong climbing skills.  

What are you looking for? Sailing, surfing, water skiing, an electric boat riding or kayaking on clear water or would you rather prefer rafting with Adventure Club Kaiserwinkl?  It is guaranteed it will be not boring at Walchsee.

At our place you can indulge your passion to fishing or learn fishing: it can happen that you will catch a trout, a carp or a tench in your net and thus experience your first success in fishing.


There are many things to experience for bikers and mountain bikers in Kaiserwinkel. There are a plenty of well-marked bike tracks, on which you can fully concentrate on the beauty of nature while biking between Kössen, Walchsee, Schwendt and Rettenschöss. Go around the Unterberg or discover beautiful moor landscape in Schwemm.

There are eight mountain bike tours in Kaiserwinkel for those who would like to experience something more challenging; you will be able to demonstrate your strengths and performance here. Huts and mountain pastures await you on the top of the mountain, where you will be able to rest and have lunch on the beautiful mountain backdrop.

The heart of Alps opens a fascinating mountain world for hikers and climbers: wander through low mountain range, master long distance walks or climb to the summit.

Whether mountain climbing, trekking or relaxed hiking: many kilometres of marked hiking and mountain trails will offer a right route for every taste. Tyrolean popular long distance hiking trail, Adlerweg, transverses the heart of Kaiserwinkl, showing the beauty, individuality and the character of Kaiserwinkl.

Weitwandern am Adlerweg

You can choose between the three wonderful courses to play golf in Kaiserwinkl. There are two 18-holes and one 9-holes golf course at your disposal. Even cross-border golf between Tyrol and Bavaria is possible. Someone, who is fond of playing golf on a favourite terrain of professionals, will also be well served in Kaiserwinkl.

Kaiserwinkl offers a lot of golf for advanced players and beginners, who are looking for a training ground.

The region around Kaiser Mountains is perfect for paragliding in summer. There are numerous take-off and landing possibilities. If you would like to experience incredible feelings and enjoy magnificent panorama over holiday region Kaiserwinkl from bird’s eye view, then book a tandem flight with an experienced flight instructor, at Drachenflug- und Paragleitschule, between beginning of May and end of September. 

Ballooning over Kaiserwinkl offers beautiful view of Tyrolean Mountain World and neighbouring Alpine landscape.


Annual Balloonist week in Kaiserwinkl is a special spectacle: numerous balloons in funny forms go up in the sky – follow exciting flights of professionals. The organizer offers an extensive entertainment program and from 180,00 Euro you have an opportunity to breathe mountain air yourself!



Then your first point of contact is Adventure Club Kaiserwinkl in Kössen. Here you will experience an ultimate adrenaline kick: in the high rope garden on the height of 8 to 12 metres you can test the combination of action, fun and creative thinking in one of the adventure and obstacle course built-in the nature. 


In the frame of creative summer workshops, opportunities to experience this unforgettable adventure have not only adults, but also children between 5 and 15 years old. 



Hardly any other region in the country can offer such opportunities for playing tennis as Kaiserwinkl.

Hotel Seehof
- Training upon request

Tennisclub Walchsee
- Seestrasse 3, 6344 Walchsee
- Phone: 0043 676/841 640 342
- Indoor court upon request
- Groups or tournament upon request
- Training upon request
- Free racket and balls (partially shoes are available) 

Tennisplatz Kössen
- Dorf,  6345 Kössen
- Court rent per hour / person Euro 5,00
- 10er-block with a guest card Euro 30,00 

HTC Tennisschule
- Phone: 0043 664/970 46 90
- Training upon agreement

Euro Camp
- Kranebittau 18, 6345 Kössen
- Court rent per hour / person Euro 6,50
- 10er-block with a guest card Euro 30,00 (with KW-Card 50%)

Tennis-Hotel Peternhof
- Mühlbergweg 60, 6345 Kössen
- Indoor court per hour Euro 15,00
- 10er-block Euro 120,00
- Outdoor court per hour Euro 8,00  

Bauernhof Hinterblaick
- Family Wimmer, Blaik 6,  6345 Kössen
- Phone 0043 (0)5375 6553 or0043 (0)664 3508 393
- Daily guided pony walking tour through pastures and forest. Registration is required.
- With a guide 1/2 hours Euro 10,00

Hotel Seehof 
- Family Münsterer, Kranzach 20
- Phone 0043 (0)5374 5661
- Lounge (30 minutes) Euro 32,00
- 1 hour (50 minutes), riding Euro 29,00
- Pony riding (30 minutes) Euro 14,00
- Training upon request

Reit- und Fahrverein Dagnhof
- Alleestrasse 3, 6344 Walchsee
- Phone 0043 (0)5374 5265
- , 
- Beginner course 5x 30 minutes Euro 120,00
- Lounge (30 minutes) Euro 25,00
- Pony riding (20 minutes) Euro 10,00 

Minigolf Sport Walchsee
- Kalvarienweg 1, 6344 Walchsee
- Phone 0043 (0)676 841640874

An ancient tradition of archery, rediscovered in the 30s of 20th century in America, has a growing interest in our country. Numerous archery clubs in Austria, Europe and all over the world enjoy the annual growing number of club members.

Archery Club Kaiserwinkl
- Klobensteinerstraße, Kössen
- Phone 0043 (0)676 83220 351 or 0043 (0)664 4881089
- With own equipment only
- Shooting course with 28 animals (3 D)
- Daily open from sunrise until sunset
- Adults Euro 10,00/per day, Youth (10-17 years old) Euro 5,00  Children up to 9 years - free;
- Payment with throw-in in an information box, children and youth till 14 years accompanied by adult only. 

Archery at Moserberg
- Plangger Andreas, Moserbergweg 44, 6345 Kössen
- Phone 0043 (0)676 848 536 660
- With own equipment only
- Daily open - 5 km long shooting course with 32 animals (3 D)
- Adults Euro 10,00
- Youth (10-17 years) Euro 5,00
- Children up to 9 years free; Payment with throw-in in an information box
- Children and youth till 16 years accompanied by adult only!

Wildlife Park Wildbichl
An unforgettable experience for adults and children! Wildlife Park Wildbichl, situated in a natural surrounding, offers insight into the predominant local wildlife world. You will see deer, ibexes, and wild boars at close range. Pass by lynxes, wild cats, chamois and mountain goats or by rare ravens and owls. Enjoy rich colours of peacock and pheasant or chirping of domestic woodland birds. Especially charming is a winter walking through the Wildlife Park. At the end of the tour you will come to a playground with an excavator and highway for children to play.

An excursion destination for the whole year! Closed on Tuesday in wintertime. For more information please visit Website des Wildparks Wildbichl

Fohlenhof Ebbs
10 minutes away from Walchsee or 15 minutes away from Kössen is located the biggest breeding farm of Austria. With more than 180 mares, stallions and young horses and with its first-class pure breeding Fohlenhof Ebbs, it has become famous all over the world. In the last few years the breeding farm has developed to a real "Haflinger-World", in which in the frame of a first-class program you can not only visit the museum, but also see World and European premium mares of the last 10 years and the most beautiful Haflinger in the world.

Hexenwasser Hochsöll
Marvel, realise and understand – at more than 30 stations around the element of water. Here you can take part in almost forgotten traditions and handicraft: grin the grain, bake bread, make cheese, and extract honey, roll wax, distilling schnapps.  


  • Witches - Water
  • Witches - Stream
  • Witches - Forest
  • Hohe Salve
  • Bare foot way
  • Tradition

Open from 17th of Mai 2012. For more information, please, visit Website Hexenwasser Hochsöll

Amusement Park Ruhpolding
Fabulous family fun! Immerse in the mysterious mountain world; enchant yourselves in the scenes of the fairy-tale world and legend world, which fascinate the whole family, from infants to grandparents.

  • Crystal mine: world underground
  • Crystal water:  each child his own crystal
  • NEW "Tischlein Deck Dich" experience restaurant with indoor play area.
  • Open daily from Eastern until the beginning of November.

For more information, please, visit Website des Freizeitparks Ruhpolding

Fairy-tale – Amusement Park Marquartstein
Marvel –Discover - Experience. Your friends Max Rabbit, Eddi Gnome and Poldi Deer wish you a lot of fun! Open daily from Eastern until beginning of November.

For more information, please, visit Website des Erlebnisparks Marquartstein

  • You can get to the Fortress Kufstein in just about a half an hour
  • Chiemsee with Royal Castle is just 30 km away
  • Kitzbühel nightlife with disco and casino is also about a half an hour away

Both Alpine towns in Tyrolean Unterland are very popular and offer different sightseeing. The noble town Kitzbühel became famous due to the legendary Hahnenkamm Race. It is also popular because of its famous sons Toni Sailer and Hansi Hinterseer. Kufstein on green Inn is famous for the Fortress Kufstein and its noble glass manufacture. Both towns can be reached  by train.

All these cities can be reached from Kaiserwinkl in one hour drive and are ideal excursion destinations for the whole family. 

Rafting, Kayak & Canyoning in Tyrol

If you find walking in Kaiserwinkl or relaxing boot riding on Walchsee not challenging enough, you can surely find something attractive for you in great amusement and outdoor offers in Kaiserwinkel. What about a rafting tour on Tyrolean Ache or a visit to high rope garden? Adrenaline addicted will love Canyoning. 

High rope garden
High rope garden
Stream crossing
Stream crossing

Leisure Time Activities in Kaiserwinkl

By canyoning you will explore hidden canyons, rappel alongside waterfalls, swim through water pools and dive into deep pools.

During rafting tour on Tyrolean Ache you will enjoy the most beautiful river valleys of Tyrol. Ride through Entenlochklamm and high rocks will let you experience nature particularly intensively.

Experience supreme discipline in white water and glide on waves of Tyrolean Ache. In the course of training of Adventure Club you will learn riding techniques with which you will be able to master every situation.

You will be your own captain on easily steered “mini raft boot”, on which, together with your friends or family, you will be able to conquer Tyrolean Ache.

In the high rope garden on the height of 8 to 12 metres you can test the combination of action, fun and creative thinking in one of the adventure and obstacle course built-in the nature.